Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank you, Sponsors

Thank you to the following trip sponsors:
  • Mid Island Towing & Transport
  • Nanaimo Mini Storage
  • Island Hot Tub
  • United Rentals (Nanaimo)
  • Millers Pub
  • Olivers Pet Supplies
  • Ross Barnard's Nanaimo Motor Products
  • Spunky's Motorcycle Shop (Mike in Parts)
  • M. Hansen
  • Kensington Realfund Corp.

We appreciate your help in getting this trip underway! If you would like to sponsor Scott's trip, please email him at scott.kirkpatrick[at]

1 comment:

canadiangreywolf said...

Good luck on your trip Scott!! Be safe and take one or two photos LOL. See you when you get back.