Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 09 finally some rest

This'll be a short one, was kinda a battery recharging day for me. Went to the San Diego Wild animal park. As an african photo safari is one on the things I have on my "bucket list" this was the next best thing & it was AMAZING! They're very conservation oriented & it shows.

I've only titled 2 because I think they all speak for themselves. Sadly one of the titled pics is a female Northern white rhino, one of approx 8 left in the world & none in the wild as their territory has been decimated by war. There is only one left of breeding age......

It was REALLY hot here today, over 100, we took a fantastic ride on the backroads thu Wildcat Canyon & it was beautiful. I fell asleep at the pool after. All in all a good day. Mexico tomorrow & then north up the coast & home!

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Anonymous said...

Ok this is getting on my nerves I have twice typed a comment to Scott & nothing is published.....I see your comments... pictures are wonderful oh so hot yikes.....
What is wrong with me or my crazy computer???
Please tell Scott that Joan & Jack send best wishes & pics are fantastic I give up... Joan
PS I copied this from her e-mail --Mom