Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Day 03 - back in the saddle

12;30ish PM. OUCH, I just took a mouthful of the HOTTEST hot chocolate I've ever tasted....It’s about 12:30 & I'm at the whales head restaurant, on the highway (it has a cool wood lighthouse statue & an awesome view) they kindly gave me the table by the fire to try to warm up & dry out.Today started late, my ftp upload of my original pics failed last night. The weather was shitty again, lots of rain but a bit warmer, so I thought I'd retry the ftp (it failed again) & see if the rain slowed. The ftp failed & the rain didn't slow so I headed out. Another day another adventure. The roads were ok for 30k or so & I made some good time, so of course Mr. Murphy who MUST be hiding in my saddle bags, chose to rear his NASTY head, my tried & tested "no fog" visor FOGGED! Crap! I think some moisture got into it........ The rain eased a bit so I cracked it open & it was pretty good after that. The next up was the wind, now I've been thru some nasty wind & this was NASTY, but add on narrow windy wet roads along the coast & the fun really gets nut sack snugging & white knuckle sphincter puckering! I was running around 30 kmh ay best & one gust actually pushed me into the oncoming lane, good thing the oncoming logging truck was a ways off, not sure the vulture circling above me was too thrilled with my recovery! I snaked thru a "max 20 mph" gorge with the coast out of sight, but now the wind was swirling. So cracked on my hazard lights, hugged my tank bag & crawled along as far right as I could be in the right lane! I've found for the most part the yanks have been much safer & more courteous drivers ( on this trip at least) so obviously since I survived mother natures wind assisted lane change, Mr. Murphy had to come up with a couple of butt headed tailgaters, on narrow little stretched where I couldn't get out of the way....... One was from Alberta, but that's not the point. I find it hard to believe the cars couldn't see the rain & at least feel the wind? What were they thinking?The rain eased a bit & so did the wind so I stopped for a few photos.There's a lot of time when you're riding to just think & you don't seem to think about stuff that bothers you at work or whatever, your. Mind seems clearer ( perhaps that's just the terror ) I think about the road & the view, the stuff I cannot get pictures of, the ultra windy roads thru heavy green growth of trees and bushes, the twisty coast road, the fact that every second I move forward I'm somewhere I've never been before. I think about Lara & my friends & I hope I can express this well enough to make them feel like they were here too.So the sun peeked thru & I saw this place so I came in. Everyone (as has been the case my whole trip) is very friendly & helpful. They gave me a table by the fire & welcomed me to stay as long as I need to. I had a delicious lunch & a good relax. But my stuff won't dry, its just too wet!My waterproof gloves & jacket could not take the constant beating of wind & rain so are totally soaked thru, but at least they'll be warm!I also think I finally figured out this trip, its one of my life challenges, something I have to accomplish & accomplish by myself.This is an adventure, screw the. Gps, screw the voice recorder (although I will have to make more notes due to my old-timers) but crap, that's life!My hot chocolate is room temperature that I love it, my stuff is warm, I'm gonna take a few photos & make a run for Eureka!

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