Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 07 HOT, did I mention it was HOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!

This is the earliest I've gotten on the road so far! This is awesome, got gas hit the road, passed a sign for LA...... FORK, there goes my automated response, oh well it’s only a mile & I can turn around, no problemo. So, my early leaving actually...... Ummm… Gets me into the heart of Death Valley at 120f.... I mean noon, high noon in Death Valley, that's good planning, shit what I was thinking....... Good thing I'm pretty!

Lotsa bikers on the road, all going the other way? Is that a message? Even though I'm riding alone I enjoy the camaraderie & the secret biker wave, makes you feel like you’re not so alone. Just pulled into Mojave for gas, came down from the mountains, it was a bit brisk at the 70mph legal highway speed cause I'm just wearing my mesh pants (please no purvo ideas, they’re padded motorcycle pants with mesh for the heat!) As I dropped towards the valley I could feel it heating up, feels good now, bet it’s gonna be unbelievable about noon.... Ouch!

Everyone tried to scare me off of going to Death Valley by myself on a bike, the security guard at the hotel made it clear that I would certainly hallucinate & die, pretty much instantly when I arrived. I stocked up on Gatorade & am looking for a long sleeve t-shirt store in Mojave, there's gotta be one open at 8am Saturday morning right?

The ipod is actually helping my sore parts not get sore quite so fast, now let's CLARIFY, I DO NOT dance, previously I only danced when I had to for sex, but as I'm happily married, no more dancing required, but I can jiggle along with the tunes as I'm riding, I'm sure by the expressions on the truckers faces they think I have a rash, or possibly a swarm of bees may have flown up my pants & into my jacket, hey whatever, its keeping the soreness at bay. Since I'm by myself & in the middle of nowhere I pretty much gas up at every station, thanks again Magellan, you jerks!!!!!! The last one was ridiculous, if the lady there wasn't so nice & trying so hard I would have just left! None of the pumps would work, so there's me in full face helmet & black riding jacket in 100f heat pushing my bike from pump to pump & her running out each time to see if it was working, finally it did & I was outa there, just an extra boot in the goodies, it was the most expensive gas yet! 5 more minutes & I was at the turn to death valley...... Du du du daaaaaa.....I took the turn, something caught my eye to my left, shit, it's over, I was hallucinating, crap I'm gonna croak & before I freakin see death valley, I hate you security dude!! It looked like a snow covered field & an ice covered lake, how could I possibly survive, all my Gatorade would go to waste..... Well I'm still here, do not know exactly what it was but I took pics! On to Panamint & the park!

I was a bit indifferent about the hotel, first person I met was quite rude, I asked where to check in & she said “the Shell station” I’m like, “what?” she repeated it & looked at me like I had 2 heads. Their gas price is also insane! By far the most expensive & almost as much as Canadian. Went as far as I could on the gas, fire made it hazy, didn’t realize sand spits up when you get passed, mmmmm delicious, as I took windshield off & most of the bags too, was fun, the road was like a cool roller coaster ride, sadly though no wildlife & photo opps were limited by gas & the fire haze. It really was very cool anyway, REALLY glad I made it! The rest of the hotel staff have been Awesome, friendly & helpful, the room & I have internet!!

Going into Death Valley you first go up to 5000 feet from panamint then down to more than 200 feet below sea level, gets chilly at the top ( on a bike ) & HOTTTTTTTTTTT at the bottom!Sand storms, cool lighting, it’s awesome, wish I had a bigger gas tank & more time! Met some awesome people tonight, some dudes from Paris & some folks from Germany, thanks for the company Guys!!!!! It really was an awesome day ( the hallucination was a naturally toxic lake that’s harvested for the toxins & looks like snow & Ice, HA!!! I’m still ticking!!!) Gotta sleep, got a long day to Tijuana!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

HOOOTTTTTT!-:0( My goodness you do get the extremes -- as I read I started to get worried but then the lake is a natural toxins? whatever you're OK. I can't imagine 120F hope that's in the past & that Mexico will be an in & out with not too much HEAT of any kind. You will need another address book for all the friendly folks you've met. Stay COOL love, Mom

canadiangreywolf said...

Believe me Scott no purvo ideas even thought of entering my head LOL. Glad to see your still the sick puppy with a great sense of humour. You need it for this trip. Keep it up we are listening!