Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 11 to Monteray

I'm doing better than my bike, was in an accident, oil on the off ramp. a disappointing end to an otherwide awesome trip, don't think I'm hurt bad, pissed tho! Tryin to sleep, gotta get up & push the bike to the dealer to see if I can ride it (hopefully I can still walk in the am?, who cares if I can ride right!)


canadiangreywolf said...

Hey Scott sorry to hear about your mishap,hope you are ok and the bike is good to go.

Anonymous said...

OH DEAR what an awful thing to happen at this point was there no one to help ?? Please take care. love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Are you ok????? Hope you can make it back ok...can Lara get you if the bike is broken?
Love, Lisa