Sunday, April 20, 2008

Day 01 update, so far so good!

A serious long day, left home just before 8am arrived in Salem Oregon 8:30pm....The sun run was going on in Van so the streets were blocked, my GPS would have sworn at me if it could, it kept trying to recacculate a route out of town & running inot road blocks. Finally got on the highway, weather was decent, actually warm in van. Got the border, the canadian guys were buttholes when I was registering my camear gear ( so they couldn't try to chage me duty & tax coming back) so I prepared myself for the Yanks, surprise the Yank was a decent & friendly guy, in fact all the Yanks I've met on this trip have been friendly & helpful, NICE! wether south of the border was a nightmare, cold, rain, snow, hail (much easier to deal with when you got a windshield, but that's another story..) anyway the weather slowed me quiet a bit, hit sun just outside Seattle for about an hour, then the nasty shit hit again,rain, serious wind, snow cold, made it to a litltle town just north of Portland & had genuine mexican food, Oh Ya!!! Headed for Lincoln city but the weather turned worse so I detoured to Salem super 8 has a pool & hot tub, I NEEDED it, back is sore, hammy's holding up OK, ass not so bad either, back's killing me!. Not alot of pics today & I lost a fair bit of time due to weather & the border, I think I'll be 3 days to Yosemite instead of 2? we'll see, tomorrow the photo part begins, hope the weather holds! I'm back on the road at 7am Good night!

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canadiangreywolf said...

Hey Scott
Just be safe and don't rush it. Being tired on the road ain't good. Hope your having fun!!