Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Day 04 San Fran

Finally had the burger I've been craving! I'm in Willits California. About 210 kms from Eureka. So far it’s been the best driving I've had! Scattered rain, a bit of wind and a healthy dose of SUN! Probably for about half the ride so far. Went thru the "Avenue of Giants" Redwood national park, it was AMAZING silky smooth roads winding around the giant redwoods, beautiful & fun! It was still sprinkling when I was there but I made a few stops anyway and met a bunch of girls from Courtenay heading for a music fest outside Palm Springs, was nice to chat, however briefly, with some fellow islanders! The ride from the redwoods was good, except for 1 moron from Washington who was driving a suzuki sport ute & thought he was in the Indy 500 & a dufus in a delivery truck who almost tipped in the twisties....... LOSERS! Anyway I'm told I’m about 4 hours from San Fran, gonna hit rush hour.......Hope the weather holds this has been nice! Tempted to take off the things I hate wearing most, rain boot covers, but wet boots would suck worse than those nasty things, so I'll hold off! K, back on the road to San Fran!

Well I'm too hot, a good problem right now. Gotta stop & take some stuff off, freaking rain boots first!!!!!!!!! Closer I get to san fran the worse idiot drivers I'm seeing! One crazy chick passed me eating a sandwich & talking on the phone weaving in & out of traffic at about 150k just gassed up & these silly pay at the pumps want a zip code, gotta go in & the young lady didn't even get off the phone, just took my cc........ Time waster had to pump & then go back & pay! I'm stripping down at the gas pump in Hillsburg, next stop san fran, so I asked a gentleman what my eta would be & we got into a brief chat, I’m pleasantly surprised how helpful & friendly everyone I’ve met has been, I guess Vancouver has jaded me? Anyway turns out Adam is a sales manager at a VERY cool sounding winery & suggested when we do our anniversary trips we contact him for a stopover in the Sonoma valley, sounds good to me!! Wonder how rush hour will be on the golden gate bridge?

AWESOME is all I can say, I’m standing on a hill overlooking the Golden gate bridge, San Fran, the harbor & surrounding area, it is breathtaking….. The road up here was unbelievable twisty & the view was worth it. I made better time than I expected, it was AWESOME to not fumble around my pegs with those annoying rain boot covers, much more relaxing to not have them on, the weather is fantastic, hope it holds! Part of my “made better time” was in part due to a friendly trucker who leaned out the window & said “hey Canada, you can run the center line when traffic stops here, it’s OK…” so I did, was very careful but people actually made room, it was very cool & got me thru in record time! After taking some pics I crossed the bridge, you’ll notice a couple of one handed while I was moving photo’s, don’t do this at home, I’m a trained professional, you’ll be able to tell that by the slanted pics, LOL! And for my daily excitement, there’s a TOLL, surprise… guess who doesn’t have a bridge pass & guess who has no cash… A guy on the hill told me to run it & they’d either give me a freebie or mail me a bill for $5. We’ll see if I get a bill! Got to my hotel met Paul Polk of Paul Polk construction ( there’s your plug Paul, thanks for the directions!! ) & Ricky at Super 8 who gave me an AWESOME deal on a hot tub room, he’s gotta be psychic my body really needs it! Great meeting you guys! I’m gonna try to get some more pics at fisherman’s Wharf & grab some food, be back later! I’m lovin it, hope you guys are too!Hey ,Corner Gas is on US TV!!!

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Thanks for B'day wishes & hopefully this day will be great for you too. We're enjoying your pictures !! & your narrative. love, Mom