Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 08

Thanks Chris Mortano, I appreciate your skill with my f%$#@d up filter on Saturday night!!

Man, the cool ocean breeze feels awesome on my face. It's my first view of the so-cal water & I'm at a rest stop, my last recharge before San Diego.It has been a loooooonnng day. I overslept, guess my German friends kept me up too late, & hot the road 3 hours later than my optimistic take off time.. I left just ahead of the Germans, it was nice, warm but a bit of a breeze & I was keeping my eyes open for the perfect pic for my friend Maureen. She's redecorating & has specific color needs, took a few, hope there's at least one she likes!

It heated up quick, I went in a long sleeve t-shirt & my small helmet & sunglasses, lathered up in sunscreen & loaded with water. The trip was pretty uneventful, picked a comfortable pace & enjoyed the view, occasionally stopping for a pic or 2. As the day goes on I have to stop more frequently just to stretch out a bit, I stopped at Jawbone canyon again to say hi to Rose & Bobby, they’re the folks I met yesterday. Anyway, long story short, I had a nice visit & on my way out finally had the nature close encounter I'd been waiting for, just not with a creature I wanted to meet, especially so up close & personal....... when you hear the rattle you automatically KNOW what it is..... The rattle sounds just like on TV, Bobby says it spends a lot of time around their shop & has scared the crap outa lots a folks! It’s called a Mojave green & they're quite rare now, people have given them a bad rep that Rose says they don't deserve. Regardless, they can keep them in Jawbone Canyon, if he wants a ride, he needs a helmet get away from my bike!

The heat started to get to me & there's still bumper to bumper traffic thru LA on Sunday afternoon? How freakin Crazy is that!!!!!! I think I'm now about 1/2 hour from San Diego, looking forward to relaxing at Jim's, need the break, THANKS Jim!

An odd observation, Vultures & crows really are the dominant birds down here, no disrespect intended to my wonderful US brothers & sisters who have made my trip so AWESOME, but there are ALOT of them & no eagles, whats up with that??? Met a dude named Paul at rest stop, he gave me advice on locations to check out & shared a recent & particularly gruesome motorcycle accident he viewed, Hey, thanks Paul, I’m already stressed by the crappy drivers on the 405 south, that visual has made me much more alert!!! Gotta wonder about the speeders, they all drive so freaking fasst? I did finally se someone get a ticket so obviously CHP does write them once in awhilr. The other strange thing besides selling booze at gas stations, is the cel phone use, people were flying by me on both sides at better than 90mph & 90% 0f them were holding cel phones to their ears, not even hands free?? Morons, makes me wonder if anyones paying enough attention to see me?!

Was almost to Jim’s place & got “misplaced” I thought I was in a bad part of town & I knew I was lost, I saw a police car & decided to ask directions. I pulled up & he already had a dude in the back of the car, confirming I was indeed in a bad part of town, but officer Meyer, once he & his partner had their prisoner safely in the back seat, offered much appreciated assistance & gave me directions away from the wrong part of town I was in & to where I was going! Thanks Bro!!!

Finally found Jim & Ron's place & getting there was like getting to an oasis after the endless hotels! The steak & hot tub were awesome & I’m gonna sleep like a baby, thanks guys, San Diego zoo & wild animal park tomorrow!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, so sunny Calif & here we have 4C & heavy rain even Mica didn't enjoy our walk. Yesterday was T-shirt & shorts-. So glad you're with your friend have a nice, Mom