Saturday, May 3, 2008

Home Sweet forkin HOME!!! Day 13...

Wow, it's finally really over! By the way, sat in row 13 on my flight to Nanaimo on day 13 of my adventure....Stayed in a really nice hotel in San Fran last night, right at fishermans wharf, & flew first class home, but as usual... of course it wasn't gonna be that easy!

Had problems with united airlines, they screwed my check in up & I ended up missing my flight, a number of people, but united employees, air Canada people (who for a change were AWESOME, helpful & AWESOME!) & some frequent flyers, all told me united has gone seriously downhill, overworked, understaffed, but that's no reason to be rude shitheads! Which they were!!

A/C fixed it & got me home, but I had to spend an extra 6 hours in San Fran airport! The A/C people picked me up in one of those golf carts & wizzed me thru customs etc, was nice! Got home about midnignt, it was AWESOME to see Lara & then get home to my zoo, who mauled me, that was awesome too!

Glad I'm home, glad I did it, can't wait to do it again, who's comin with me???


Anonymous said...

Hi Scott -no don't worry your old Mom won't go with you except in spirit -- Glad you are home take care go easy on that knee. love, Mom

canadiangreywolf said...

Except for the way it ended that would be a cool trip !!!!